There is a very large contingency of people “out there” when asked about Video bloggerlive streaming say just do it! and I whole heartedly agree. If it turns out less than you expected it doesn’t matter at all, the important thing is you turned your camera upon yourself and clicked the “Go Live” button.

That’s HUGE!

Congratulations, you did it, you went live, you will never have to have that anxiety again!

What’s next?

That’s your decision – maybe you want some help with equipment choices, there is an awful lot to choose from and getting equipment that fills your needs can be tricky

  • what do I need?
  • what is my budget?
  • what is my skill level?
  • what should I buy first?

There are innumerable choices for cameras, microphones, streaming platforms, lighting and more. All are not suitable for novices and experts alike, it is important not to start with equipment that requires expertise you have not yet acquired, your message is important do not stop streaming because you are learning your equipment.

And so many more questions.

Maybe you want help developing good habits for content creation.

You might consider custom graphics and logos suitable for your stream to “up your game”.

But, don’t stop streaming. Work through it, every streaming session will be better and as your confidence level increases it will show in your programming. As you build your audience  you will become a trusted source and develop a loyal audience.

Where do you even start? Contact us, let’s talk for a few minutes and between us we should be able to determine your next steps.