Remote Production

Remote production can cover many scenarios, most center around us coming to you.

Stream your business, community meeting, worship service or almost anything you can conceive where you need to deliver a message to a large audience whether it is for general public or a targeted audience and the attendance will need to be controlled.

Stream a team meeting. Get your organization together for awards, product introductions, motivation or just some needed chemistry and team spirit. You supply the excitement we will supply the tech.

Stream an executive level meeting that needs both internal and external attendance. We can do this right from your office and most importantly we can control the security so you control who is viewing.

If you already have streaming infrastructure in place with which your team is used to and satisfied, we can help you upgrade your presentation. Our cameras, lighting, professional audio, custom graphic packages and our people can make a significant difference reduce stress on your end. Finally, we can conduct a live stream security audit to assure the level of reliability you require for your presentations.